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About the book

Why does muscle tension, pain, scar tissue and reduced joint mobility decrease your chances of becoming pregnant? How is your stress level, working posture, stance, and exercise routines affecting your fertility? Do you exercise too little or maybe too much? Why is laser therapy particularly effective in treating age-related infertility and low sperm count?

This book leads the reader on a journey through decades and across continents, in order to describe how physical therapy - i.e. exercise guidance, manual therapy and laser therapy - is being used in different countries as an effective alternative or supplement, to the medical fertility treatment offered in most healthcare systems today.

The book is first and foremost meant as inspiration to all the women and couples, who are struggling with their own fertility. It provides a thorough instruction on how you can more than triple your chances of conceiving and carrying your pregnancy to full term by following simple physical exercise and treatment protocols.

The book includes a home exercise program, a massage protocol for self-treatment of scar tissue, as well as guidelines to planning daily exercise routines most beneficial for your fertility. It also offers a new insight into why and how laser therapy can increase pregnancy rates.

The content of this book is based on extensive research, as well as the author ́s own clinical experience of more than 120 courses of treatments. It can therefore also be of use for healthcare professionals, who work with couples and singles struggling to conceive.

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